• Equirectangular, partial, cubic, and multi-resolution panoramas
  • WebGL and CSS 3D based renderers
  • Hot spots / tours
  • Compass headings
  • Plug-in free
  • Framework free
  • Video support
  • API
  • Just 21kB gzipped

Browser Compatibility

Since Pannellum is built with recent web standards, it requires a modern browser to function.

Full support (with appropriate graphics drivers):

  • Firefox 23+
  • Chrome 24+
  • Safari 8+
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Edge


Pannellum is distributed under the MIT License.


The name Pannellum was derived as a portmanteau of “panorama” and “vellum,” as this made a unique, pronounceable word, with “vellum” used as a quasi-synonym to the <canvas> drawing surface used by the viewer.

Pannellum is developed on GitHub by Matthew Petroff.
CDN via KeyCDN.